Bus Stop

Looking back, this was too funny not to post.
Earlier this week K stayed home from school. Mr. R, conveniently, goes to the office quite early these days. He was ready to walk out the door, and offered to take Britton- but it was still quite early for her to arrive at school.
I though- a ha- the bus! Let her take the 7:40 am bus into school. It picks up right in our neighborhood- great idea.
B was ecstatic.
Mr. R drove her to the bus stop, while I stayed back with sniffly Kenley and baby Raynes. Around 8:00 am I called the hubs to see how the bus drop off went.
Mr. R-  I don’t know, I left her there.
Me- You mean you didn’t wait for the bus to arrive to make sure she got on?! Well, tell me that you at least left here at the bus stop with other children.
Mr. R- No. She was by herself.
I thought surely he was kidding. She was left standing alone on the street corner at 7:30 am?  For a bus that may, or may not, still take that route?
Never in a million years did I think to mention, oh and by the way- make sure she gets on the bus without kidnappers yanking her up.
While I may have cashed in on my poor parenting moment last week, when I left Britton at school… he had his turn and cashed in this week.
Immediately, I emailed her teacher for a package delivery confirmation.
Hours passed- nothing. {Which, I might add, was very unlike her teacher who typically replies to my emails within 30 minutes}.
With me now starting to imagine large, white, unmarked vans preying on cute 3rd graders, Mr. R calls the school- only to find out they won’t page the classroom teachers. Lovely.
Needless to say, at 10:00 am, teacher emailed me the following:
“She’s doing great!  She loved the bus.  She made sure I knew that she gets to take it again this afternoon.  I hope Kenley feels better.  By the way, Britton thinks Kenley is faking being sick.  She’s a trip!”

Suffice it to say, Mr. R now waits for her to step her light-up sneakers on the bus stairs, or at the very least, make sure she is standing with the 5 other little girls “bus-ing it” into school each morning.