Camouflage, Children & Cheetos

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Once again. Each year seems to get here sooner and sooner, and then poof- it’s in the rear view mirror. We made the most of our extended weekend with camouflage, camping, hunting, target practice, Cheetos, Chick Fil A- all seasoned with a dash of family too.

The girls were super excited about heading to the plantation {aka hunting lodge}, particularly when Daddy told them they didn’t have to bathe while gone. Score- Britton’s paradise.

Mr. R’s Daddy came to our neck of the woods to visit, post Turkey. The girls really enjoyed seeing him after so many years. B kept him quite entertained in the deer stand Saturday afternoon, I am told.

Loving Kenley’s excited expression.

This little guy sported his camo for the send off but stayed back with his Mama while the rest of the crew went to the Plantation for a night.

‘Grandaddy Frank’ brought K a hat for her first hunting experience. It matched her pink T-shirt quite nicely.
K played her Nintendo DSi for almost two hours while in the deer stand- this translates to success in her Daddy’s book.

Mr. R might as well have spit out these two…  That feather is still hanging on.

Happy 6 week birthday to the little Butterball! Hope you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving weekend. Buckle up, next stop… Christmas.