Day by Day

Slowly but surely, it’s all coming back to me. Slowly.
Some things, I am learning the hard way. For instance, this weekend I was at Target getting some must-haves, and just as I had all my purchases lined up on the electronic belt, I felt my milk coming down. {And I am not talking about the Archer Farms organic milk I was buying} Normally, not a big deal…. expect that I had forgotten to wear my, ummm… boob-assistance cover-up-things. Note to self- don’t leave home without them. That won’t happen again.

Then yesterday, I put the little guy in the car so I could have my one outing of the day {drive through dry cleaning- exciting stuff} and he was getting very squirmy in his car seat sitting in the garage. I knew once I cranked the car, he would fall asleep in his narcoleptic chair immediately. When I reached for my keys, they weren’t there. They weren’t anywhere. There are no spares keys either- not on hubby’s key chain, not at home. I really becoming more and more B-like. After searching throughout the house I surrendered to the fact that we weren’t going anywhere today. Pulled peanut out of his car seat, and wouldn’t you know they were smack dab in the bottom of his car seat.
Another, note to self. Always have car keys ready before packing everyone up.

Another dimply baby….

Twenty Two Days Old…

Realizing that is has indeed been a while since I was responsible for a new born, I finally subscribed to a little email newsletter that sends me daily milestones, reminders, etc… Hello? I had forgotten all about mylicon drops. Seriously? That’s like Mom 101.

New Favorite Things:

A lot has changed in the baby world since 2006.

A great new contracption is a Woombie. Aunt Coco told us to try it last night and it worked like a charm! Well done Coco.

UGGs- Got me some new UGGS to kick off the arrival of winter. Love, love, love.

Our borrowed baby lamb swing.

Monogrammed cotton converter gown

Baby calls……