Dumb and Getting Dumber

No sooner had I used my get out of jail free card, did I receive yet another call from the girls’ school. The very next day.
Each morning, I put little hand written notes in their lunch boxes. This time, I had inadvertently put Britton’s note in Kenley’s lunch box. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal except that it read:
See you at the bus stop!
xo, Mommy
Apparently, Kenley had a melt down thinking she was to take the bus and the teacher’s called their crazy Mama to see if Kenley was indeed riding the bus for the first time. As Kenley’s sweet teacher put it,  that’s what happens when your kindergartner can read.
Maybe I should be watching CNN in the middle of the night feedings like I used to, instead of Real Housewives of New Jersey. It only seems to be making me dumber.
So for now I have waved goodbye to the large letter A and accepted this new Type B mama that I have become.
High functioning is a thing of the past- at least for now.
Doesn’t help that my little Sweet Pea wakes up every two hours at night.
Yes, every.two.hours. This means I am up 5 times a night. Thankfully, the hubs introduced me to the 5 hour energy shot and I am a full blown addict now. A girls gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do.
Now, call me crazy.. but I think these two Robinson babies looks alike.
                                              Britton at 4 weeks old {2003}
                                          Britton at 2 months old {blurry photo- predigital}
He has Kenley’s hair and skin color…. and that’s about it.
Kenley at 4 weeks old {2006}
Raynes at 1 week old
This afternoon the girls have their flu shots, and Britton and I will be working on her science fair project… Does Waterproof Mascara Really Work?
She chose the project, completed her hypothesis, research, results and conclusions. Lordy, that kid’s mind is never quiet and she really is a funny little person.
In case you are wondering, yes- waterproof mascara really does work. And Britton has the research to prove it!
And last, both girls received their first report card from their not-so-new-anymore school and had straight A’s and perfect conduct. I don’t remember every getting perfect conduct growing up. Britton wants an as-seen-on-TV shoulder pet, and Kenley wants Fuzions Yogurt. Easy to please I say.