The Forgotten Child


One second they are saying something funny like, “Mrs. Hannigan {from Annie- the one who wears lingerie) wears the prettiest clothes”.

And the next, I hear from the back seat “Uh oh, I put a french fry in your AC vent Mama…. and it fell inside”. Gross. Now I get to drive around with the aroma of rotting french fries.

I, however, am not perfect either.

One second I am marking all the activities on our huge, family style hanging calendar– important dates, doctor appointments, science fairs, ballet recitals. Keeping appointments, sending in school forms like a good little mom, reminding hubs of his doctor’s appointments…

And then…

… Then today, I drive to school for pick up and Kenley climbs in the car, and we drive off.

Without Britton.

The truth of the matter is I actually thought she was riding the bus, mind you- she has never once ridden the bus on Mondays– and when I got to the bus stop and saw that she didn’t get off, it should have clued me in.
Instead, I put my car in park trying to jump out to ask the bus driver where the heck  my precious child was.  It was only then, with my cell phone simultaneously ringing from the school, that I realized– oh sh*t, I forgot Little Bo Peep!

Yep, drove off without my child. I couldn’t help but laugh and blame it on the fact that I have a two week old.

But 2 out of 3 ain’t that bad, right?

      Two week old toes

Good thing that love stuff is unconditional, and B could laugh it off as well.

After running from pumpkin carved house to house last night, we have bagoodles of candy sitting in our kitchen. Trying to figure out the best way to get rid of it– before my cavity prone children devour it all. THe dentist office will buy back candy to send to troops- these girls are always up for a quick buck, might try that this afternoon.

I was worried that Kenley wouldn’t be able to keep up with Britton and Beau- but it was the other way around. Every house these three went to, they would get the candy and say, “Jackpot!”

She may have even double-dipped, knocking on a couple of neighbor’s doors twice last night.

You can get away with that kind of stuff when you are 5 1/2.

Unfortunately, Poochie did not transform into a sheep yesterday…. not that Britton noticed.

On a different note– this MIA mom luckily has good Mo friends that send me photos of my children at school functions. Until flu season is behind us, Pee Wee is home with me. 24/7.

Britton’s class had a field trip last week where she received her first fishing license from the FWC…
You would have thought it was a prepaid Gold Amex card.

The girl is a natural angler.

There’s those punk gloves again.

This morning, Kenley sported her latest Mama made outfit.. this time, Little Bit chose her fabric. Peace!

Happy Halloween!

Now onto Thanksgiving….