Marco. Polo.

It’s been a weekend o’ firsts…..

We had our first family outing yesterday- toting along three children under the age of 8. Not so easy, yet, suprisingly, not so hard.

Nineteen Days Old

The two other Mommies helicoptering above.

We took the Raynes to his first Polo Match….

Stomping the Divets….

The girls hit up a bar for the first time.

Daddy made our first crispy, warm fire of the season….

Britton completed her first, though likely not last, Sciene Fair project.. The Truth About Make Up.

And she and her Daddy worked on her first ever Trirama  project Friday night… a three dimensional outdoor setting of a deer, box stand, trees and landscape. Great idea Mike, Jr.!

Kenley “babysat” Raynes– ever so briefly– for the first time.

Baby R enjoyed a lazy Sunday on his big sister’s big for the very first time. Big sister #1 drove to the GA woods at 4:50 am to sit in a deer stand with their Daddy. Oh, those Mikes…

You would have thought, by the photo, that it was the first time K ate strawberries and sugar. But you would be mistaken.

The Vest-insons attended a Fall party, sans Mama for the first time.

 Happy Fall Y’all.