Out of the mouths….

Happy 1 month birthday to Renasle.
Horrible nickname I know, but it sticks.

Being the sweet baby that he is, he gave me a birthday present. He awoke only once last night, at 3:00 am. Thank you, thank you baby boy. Now that I can handle.

Big sister Kenley has been on a roll lately with her questions. It’s literally question after question out of her mouth from the moment she comes home from school, until she goes to bed.  I barely finish answering her first question, before she asks the next. The wheels are just a turnin’ in her little mind.

These are just a few questions she has asked this week:

  1. Do you freak out when you see God? Or are you happy?
  2. What is it like in heaven?
  3. Does it hurt to have a baby?
  4. Have you been to the moon?  Then where did you go after you got married?
  5. Who is king of the jungle? Is a Mama lion the Queen of the jungle? Would a baby lion be a prince?
  6. Have you ever seen God come out of the sky?
  7. What does it  feel like to fall off a bar stool?
  8. Are you going to have a baby sister for me? How do you know you aren’t having any more babies?

Oh Kenley berry- you are funny, my bright little child. Keep the tires rotated so the wheels can continue turning for years to come.