Happy Birthday Mr. R!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Daddy, happy birthday to you!

 One month old

To the best husband, father and friend…

36 is looking good on you!


Thursdays at Meme’s

Every Wednesday, Kenley has ballet.
Every Thursday, Britton has Petite Players.

We use this time to pay a visit to our Meme.

This week, was no exception.

Driving to Meme’s house….

K sitting on her front porch while Meme puts “Pepper” {the dog} away…. 

My little Mad Professor cannot read books fast enough. She read 4 books this week alone. Her LL Bean back pack is so heavy with library books, that I’m afraid she will end up at the chiropractor by age 10.

Britton asked me to set her alarm clock for 6:00 am so she could have time to read before school. As soon she gets in my car after school, the back pack is unzipped and a new book comes out.

This afternoon, she explained that she read during a recent class party because when she reads, she doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around her because she feels like she is “in” the book.   Britty the bookworm.

Kens had her first spend the night out last week and apparently has become a professional. She went to the beach, two hours away, for the weekend with her best friend, Gracie.
Didn’t so much as kiss my goodbye before hopping into Gracie’s SUV this afternoon.  This should make me happy because my always clingy middle child is becoming more confident and independent.

Our weekly visits also give Meme a chance to see how much little Pee Wee has grown.

While Kens digs around in Meme’s toy closet. Meme gives the girls organic lollipops as soon as they walk in the front door.

She tried to give them this standing, life size doll. Their bedrooms are about the size of her bathroom though. Any takers?

This little guy had his one month check up today with “Auntie Anna”. And my, he has grown, 10 lbs, 11 oz.

He is in the 76% for height and weight. He must have gotten his head size from his Dad as it is only in the 50% (Kenley was in the 100%).

We’ve lucked out and had “good” babies all three times.

This one here is the sweetest yet.

Shhh, don’t tell my girls.

Out of the mouths….

Happy 1 month birthday to Renasle.
Horrible nickname I know, but it sticks.

Being the sweet baby that he is, he gave me a birthday present. He awoke only once last night, at 3:00 am. Thank you, thank you baby boy. Now that I can handle.

Big sister Kenley has been on a roll lately with her questions. It’s literally question after question out of her mouth from the moment she comes home from school, until she goes to bed.  I barely finish answering her first question, before she asks the next. The wheels are just a turnin’ in her little mind.

These are just a few questions she has asked this week:

  1. Do you freak out when you see God? Or are you happy?
  2. What is it like in heaven?
  3. Does it hurt to have a baby?
  4. Have you been to the moon?  Then where did you go after you got married?
  5. Who is king of the jungle? Is a Mama lion the Queen of the jungle? Would a baby lion be a prince?
  6. Have you ever seen God come out of the sky?
  7. What does it  feel like to fall off a bar stool?
  8. Are you going to have a baby sister for me? How do you know you aren’t having any more babies?

Oh Kenley berry- you are funny, my bright little child. Keep the tires rotated so the wheels can continue turning for years to come.

Yin and Yang

Black and white.
Chocolate and vanilla.
Up and down.

These two sisters could not be more different if they tried.

Take a sand pile, for instance.
We visited Tucker at her doggie boot camp this weekend, and wouldn’t you know there was a large pile of sand calling Britton’s name upon arrival.  After a few hugs to Tucker, they spent the better part of two hours playing {Britton was actually rolling} in the large pile o’ sand.
Britton, without cue, threw off her shoes, not bothering to roll up her jeans, and headed her little toes towards the pond– only moments before I caught her and instructed her not to dare jump in. Mind you, it was not quite 70 degrees, no telling how cold that water would’ve been.
Her objective– to see how dirty she can get.

While Kenley, wanted to stay as dirt free and clean as possible. She wouldn’t even think of taking off her boots to play in the sand- no way.

Yin and Yang.
Left and Right.

If you are ever on a canopy road in North Florida and see this store- stop and get yourself a sausage dog. You won’t regret it.

Britty- or “Brittany” as she has most of her fellow classmates and art teacher are calling her– had her second spend the night friend on Friday. If you don’t count our next door neighbor, it would be her first. 
Hot cocoa on a Saturday morning, in the play house, sounds like the perfect start to a long weekend.

I’m not ashamed to admit it- this Mama still loves it when my baby doll lets me dress her for church.
She is spending extra time with me today- due to a very mild, exaggerated case of the sniffles. In an effort to redeem myself, I allowed her to stay home today. Sounds like it’ll be an Animal Planet marathon kinda Monday.

Kenley also spent the night out for the first time— thought for sure this gal would be like her Mama, getting “homesick” for the first 15 years of her life. Nope- sorry, not gonna happen. She loved every minute of it, and may even go away to the beach with friends this weekend. My little girl is certainly growing up.

Four weeks ago today we were at the hospital, hooked up to IV’s and monitors trying to guess what he would weigh, when he would arrive, and how much hair he would have. Wow- this little guy has exceeded all our hopes and is more than we could have dared to dream of. We love you little Ray-na-nays. 

A boy.

Happy Four Week birthday Raynes Robinson!

My cup runneth over…..

Bus Stop

Looking back, this was too funny not to post.
Earlier this week K stayed home from school. Mr. R, conveniently, goes to the office quite early these days. He was ready to walk out the door, and offered to take Britton- but it was still quite early for her to arrive at school.
I though- a ha- the bus! Let her take the 7:40 am bus into school. It picks up right in our neighborhood- great idea.
B was ecstatic.
Mr. R drove her to the bus stop, while I stayed back with sniffly Kenley and baby Raynes. Around 8:00 am I called the hubs to see how the bus drop off went.
Mr. R-  I don’t know, I left her there.
Me- You mean you didn’t wait for the bus to arrive to make sure she got on?! Well, tell me that you at least left here at the bus stop with other children.
Mr. R- No. She was by herself.
I thought surely he was kidding. She was left standing alone on the street corner at 7:30 am?  For a bus that may, or may not, still take that route?
Never in a million years did I think to mention, oh and by the way- make sure she gets on the bus without kidnappers yanking her up.
While I may have cashed in on my poor parenting moment last week, when I left Britton at school… he had his turn and cashed in this week.
Immediately, I emailed her teacher for a package delivery confirmation.
Hours passed- nothing. {Which, I might add, was very unlike her teacher who typically replies to my emails within 30 minutes}.
With me now starting to imagine large, white, unmarked vans preying on cute 3rd graders, Mr. R calls the school- only to find out they won’t page the classroom teachers. Lovely.
Needless to say, at 10:00 am, teacher emailed me the following:
“She’s doing great!  She loved the bus.  She made sure I knew that she gets to take it again this afternoon.  I hope Kenley feels better.  By the way, Britton thinks Kenley is faking being sick.  She’s a trip!”

Suffice it to say, Mr. R now waits for her to step her light-up sneakers on the bus stairs, or at the very least, make sure she is standing with the 5 other little girls “bus-ing it” into school each morning.