Thursdays at Meme’s

Every Wednesday, Kenley has ballet.
Every Thursday, Britton has Petite Players.

We use this time to pay a visit to our Meme.

This week, was no exception.

Driving to Meme’s house….

K sitting on her front porch while Meme puts “Pepper” {the dog} away…. 

My little Mad Professor cannot read books fast enough. She read 4 books this week alone. Her LL Bean back pack is so heavy with library books, that I’m afraid she will end up at the chiropractor by age 10.

Britton asked me to set her alarm clock for 6:00 am so she could have time to read before school. As soon she gets in my car after school, the back pack is unzipped and a new book comes out.

This afternoon, she explained that she read during a recent class party because when she reads, she doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around her because she feels like she is “in” the book.   Britty the bookworm.

Kens had her first spend the night out last week and apparently has become a professional. She went to the beach, two hours away, for the weekend with her best friend, Gracie.
Didn’t so much as kiss my goodbye before hopping into Gracie’s SUV this afternoon.  This should make me happy because my always clingy middle child is becoming more confident and independent.

Our weekly visits also give Meme a chance to see how much little Pee Wee has grown.

While Kens digs around in Meme’s toy closet. Meme gives the girls organic lollipops as soon as they walk in the front door.

She tried to give them this standing, life size doll. Their bedrooms are about the size of her bathroom though. Any takers?

This little guy had his one month check up today with “Auntie Anna”. And my, he has grown, 10 lbs, 11 oz.

He is in the 76% for height and weight. He must have gotten his head size from his Dad as it is only in the 50% (Kenley was in the 100%).

We’ve lucked out and had “good” babies all three times.

This one here is the sweetest yet.

Shhh, don’t tell my girls.