The Away Manger

I confess, I got caught up with the craziness of Christmas this year. Half of my decorations I gave away, hauled away, or tucked away back into the attic. Less is more- only the ‘good ones’ to be displayed, I said.

8 weeks old

Yesterday, I saw my nativity scene box sitting in the garage floor- after having decided I didn’t have enough tablespace for it. Shame on me. If there’s one Christmas ‘decoration’ to display- shouldn’t it be the depection of Jesus’ birth? The box was quickly swooped up, and opened, as I gingerly unwrapped the tissue paper around Joseph, Mary, their baby and the three wise men.
With the manger scene now prominetly displayed in my foyer, I have ridden myself of the guilt and am back into the fa la la la la-ness of Christmas- trying to keep my focus this season.

 Thank goodness for my helper girl..

Love those golf socks…

Kenley climbed in bed with us at 2:00 am with a 102 fever. She claims to feel fine- naturally since she had a class gingerbread party, and friend’s birthday party this afternoon. The gal had been counting down the days since day 10. Hopefully it’s just some virus that will leave as quick as it came.  Will be finding out today when we visit ‘Auntie Anna’ at her office…

I won’t dare complain, as Mr. R’s half brother, who is 15, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor this week. The prognosis is good as there is a high cure rate with his particular type of intercranial tumor.

Childhood cancer seems so unfair so please, if you would, keep him in your prayers. His name is Danny Robinson.

More of this….

to come…..