Christmas Challenge

It’s a new day. What am I going to do with it?
Yesterday, I felt like I did a lot of disciplining, cleaning, recleaning, nagging, repetitive running around, and- you guessed it, more refereeing of sibling arguments.
I often wonder if that’s how my kids will remember me- wiping down counter tops, returning little tennis shoes to their homes in the bedroom, stirring food on the stove, telling them ‘in just a minute’ and forever reminding them to wash their hands.
In an effort to slow down the pace for a bit, and focus on what is most important on me during this time- my kids- my challenge today is to let the rest of it go. For just one day.
Replace the broom for homemade play dough. Put down the rag and pick out a board game. Lose the laundry basket in exchange for some Christmas crafts.
The clothes, dirt, toys and crumbs will wait- unfortunately.

So far, so good.
While the house may be in shambles, my children are enthralled.

Homemade gingerbread men 

More gingerbread men made from craft paper

My avid reader has finally found a captive audience.

Homemade playdough took me back to the days of being a first time mom. Back when I used to prepare the colorful dough from memory because I made it so often for my then 3 year old Britton. Five years later, she still loves it. They must have sat at the table for two hours yesterday sculpting bright blue cream of tarter masterpieces.

Movie night and popcorn last night…. Throwing bedtime out the window.

Oh, to see the places her imagination takes her. Although I have no idea what the child is doing– as we often say, “it’s Britton’s world. We’re just living in it.”

This must be her power belt of sorts. I often wonder if she sees the world in 4D while the rest of us see it as 3 dimensional.

Finally figured out what to do with old Christmas cards… hole punched them and tied a pretty Christmas ribbon through them. Finished 2008, 2009 and 2010 today.

Rice Krispie treats dyed green and cut out as Christmas trees. Obviously I have been dieting too long as the sugar and marsh mellow tasted delicious!! {Hopefully will be done with egg whites and chicken breasts soon}

Who knows, we may even throw up some more Christmas lights outside just for fun.

At the end of the day house is a disaster, dirty laundry is still sitting on the floor next to the washing machine, and popcorn kernels have yet to get vacuumed up. But we have some smack down good gingerbread men hanging on our windows. I’d call today a success!