A Christmas Story

Is is possible that the weekend is still in full swing?
Gingerbread houses, brownie parties, Sunday School, Secret Santa parties…

My built in babysitter allowed me to go back to sleep until 8:45 am yesterday. Eight forty-five am. Wow.
Mr. R has been in the woods the past two mornings and early bird B has stepped up to help out for those early morning feedings.

We spent our Thursday afternoon with Meme again… she has taking a liking to this little guy with the spiky hair. My mom wanted proof that she holds him- and boy does she.

There’s that lollipop again… the highlight of Kenley’s Thursdays.

There was some gingerbread house making yesterday. With lots of candy both in the girl’s bellies and on the house. It will make a good helping of reindeer food on December 24th.

If there is any left by then.


Raynes has been napping in his crib and loves his dark, sound-machine filled nursery. So I thought I would try putting him in there for the night- after an hour and a half of trotting back and forth to his room to put a pacifier in his mouth, I caved and brought him back to our bedroom where he has been sleeping in his lamb swing (although I don’t turn on the swing). Fell right asleep. I think he was cold- will tweek the process tonight with a woombie. He proceeded to wake up every three hours to eat. Hello dark circles.

It’s nights like this that I wonder if I am too old to do this all again.

We are still waiting on Raynes’ stocking- dang Internet shopping. I think I was hosed and gave money for a Kelly Rightsell needlepoint stocking to some dude in India that is laughing at me about now.

Much to our children’s disappointment, we do not display an inflatable snoopy snowman in our front yard- instead opting for some white lights, my homemade wreath, and Costco garland.  Britton shrugged her shoulders and said it was just, “alright”.

You win some. You loose some.

She was slightly more impressed with our dangling gold balls. I could insert an inappropriate joke right here, but I’ll refrain.

Fourteen days and counting.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.