Lollipops and Gumdrops

This kid has been cracking me up. As if one huge gingerbread wasn’t enough for the sugar-teethed children {is teethed a word?}, Britton’s co-Brownie friend {I’ll just make up words tonight} gave her a gingerbread kit at their recent Christmas party.

We literally have no table space left to display yet another frosted, gummy-dropped dripped pitched  roof on.
Besides… who wouldn’t love a gingerbread house– Meme needs one Britton said! This afternoon, after completing her homework on fractions, she worked for 2 hours on the gingerbread house. 

We’ve made special plans for a surprise delivery to Meme tomorrow afternoon.  I’m sure she will be thrilled, because we all know much how she loves red dye #7.

Once Britton was done architecting her jellybean palace, she began wrapping more gifts, from her bookshelf no less, for little sister. She finds toys and books in her room, that Kenley has enjoyed playing with at one time or another, and brings them to me saying things like, “Kenley read this book of mine in the doctor’s office one day and really liked it. I am going to wrap it for her for Christmas” and wraps up a Fairy book. Or a McDonalds happy meal toy.

Yesterday Kenley found a one-legged Barbie under her bed and knew right away that Britton would just wove dis Barbie. The bikini-clad Barbie is now sitting happily under our tree in a cardboard box with some lovely green Hobby Lobby ribbon.

Maybe they have listened after all- it really is the thought that counts.