Post-Christmas Entertainment

Yep, my tree is still up and the lights outside are continuing to twinkle at night.
We have been snug as a bug in our PJ’s for most of the week, playing with Christmas toys, sweeping dead pine needles, and eating the last of the gingerbread cookies, while Daddy spent several days in the woods hoping for “the big one”.
The big one hasn’t come yet.
But in the meantime, we’ve had an entertaining puppet show directed by B using Origami paper. I think it was about a lost dog.
With a matching feather…
Inspector Gadget has created numerous electronic gizmos with her batteries and circuits. If her experiment doesn’t work the first time, she pauses for a moment, and I can literally hear her wheels turning, while she thinks of a different approach. Challenge, challenge- she thrives on it. The little red thing flies- after some moderate tweaking.
Moments later… success.
The other sister has been painting green and yellow stain glass from the Met Museum of Art- compliments of Gan.
And Sassy gave the 8 going on 18 year old a hairstyle guide– the first “do” was braids that would turn into beautiful waves overnight. It actually worked pretty well and I’m thinking of going to bed with wet braids myself this evening. I should have taken an after photo.
Even lil’ bit got to enjoy his new Christmas blanket {thanks Nana} for some R&R with Kens.
Other big news… my baby boy has slept through the night not once, not twice, but three times in a row!
I feel like a million bucks with some zzzz’s under my lids. Now I can’t seem to understand why the rest of the house isn’t ready to pop out of bed at 6:30 am with me and get the day started.
The plumber just left after installing our Christmas gift- gas fireplace logs {thanks Sassy and Pops!!}. Remote control convenience fire here we come. The high on Tuesday is 47 degrees- bring it!
Year end means it’s time once again to print this blog for my kids– the past several years Mom has used blog2print website. They books turn out well the only gripe I have is the white space inside, but have yet to find a better solution. Guess Blog2Print it is again….
I can hear the countdown to 2012 already…..