Questions, and More Questions

The Questions.

They never seem to stop..

Do flu shots always hurt?
Do you have to go to the hospital if you lose a tooth?
Does everyone bleed when they have blood taken?
Is Poochie ever going to be a Mommy?
Why did you marry Daddy?
Have you ever been bitten by a wasp?
How long did it hurt?
How old will you be when I am 57?
What language do people in France speak?
How many days have you been alive?

They start rolling when she wakes up, and she shoots out questions until her head hits the pillow at night.
Churn, churn, churn her little mind goes.

The girls are eyeing gifts under the tree- making sure here are tags with their names on them. Not to fear little girls- you know there are.

I saw a great idea on a blog several years ago, and we adopted it then. Our children get three gifts- just like the wise men. Three from us, and three from Santa- plus books, puzzles, and board games. Three.

This keeps me in check from going overboard. When you throw in two sets of grandparents, aunts, Santa and us- they are overwhelmed as it is. I always second guess myself when my Christmas shopping for them is done by early December, so wanting to buy one or two more things… but the willpower wins over and on Christmas morning I’m glad we stuck to our tradition. It works every time- they are thrilled, apprecitative and don’t seem to notice or care.
As Forest Gump says, ‘That’s all I have to say about that.’