With the year 2011 quickly coming to an end, like many, I am reflecting on the events of the past year.

 Twenty-eleven has been a year of surprise blessings for our crew.

Last year at this time, the thought of another baby had all but faded from my mind, not by a long shot from my heart though.

Twelve months later, not only has he grown inside me for 9 months, delivered safely into this crazy world, but sits snugly as an-almost three month old in my arms now.

The idea of switching schools wouldn’t have crossed my mind last year at this time– but here we are, at year’s end, and who would have thunk it, but my girls are happy and thriving in an entirely new school that wasn’t part of my grand plan at all.

The guy I married, although I love him dearly, somehow I find that I care for him even more now than last year. More today, than yesterday.

I know that flip flop stomach turning stuff fades, {although not entirely, I still get excited when I hear the garage door opening in the evenings}but it’s amazing how the love doesn’t necessarily expand, like it does with children, rather it digs deeper and deeper into your heart.

He has given me another year’s worth of reason to love him even more- and I think myself lucky to be able to raise these now three children of ours together.

We have had our share of bumps in the road, driving each other crazy and wondering who the heck is this guy I married? I’m sure he can say the same thing.

But at the end of the day, or decade, it’s Yin and Yang, balancing each other out.

I already know what a great daddy he is to my daughters and I cannot wait to see him be a Daddy to this baby boy.

Ironically, he said something to me this morning, along those same lines. I told him I had drafted this blog entry the echoed his feelings. Thirteen years together and we are on the same page.Scary.. What’s even more scary, is that he pointed out that his twenty year high school reunion is next summer. We went to his 10 year reunion when I was super pregnant with Britton. Just doesn’t seem possible that 20 years is looming around the corner. Makes it seem like I am married to an old man…..

We have some fun planned for our family over the next couple of days- sending 2011 off with a bang, a baby, and some packed bags for a little getaway…..

Here’s to 2012.