Santa Claus Came to Town

Santa Claus made a surprise visit to Daddy’s office this week- on a Thursday. Who knew?

Kenley had to think of exactly the perfect toy to describe to ol’ Nicholas.

Britton’s ‘only wish’ was for Tucker to come home for Christmas. Her Daddy made that dream come true when he made good on his word brought home the now plumpy puppy. Britton wrapped her arms around him, squeezed and said, ‘thank you for keeping your promise Daddy.’

Excited children, one after another, took turns sitting with Santa and whispering what their tiny hearts desired this Christmas year.

While their stockbroker Daddies honed in on their children’s wish lists.

Checking their lists twice I imagine.

And what’s a Christmas party without some glitter and glue?

Incidentally, strep is the gift that keeps on giving. Although it has hit our house 8 times in the past 12 months- this is Kenley’s first go round with the lovely virus. The beauty of strep, is 48 hours later you are “better”.

We have made it out of nightgowns and onto the speedy Christmas interstate once again.