Stolen Minutes

Finally got my head above water this afternoon, if ever so briefly. Long enough to snap a couple photos of the baby boy and get ‘em downloaded.

I am getting more of these lately.

And this– he sees me. Really sees me.

I have profile envy of this little fellow.
Is there such a thing?

His Daddy may have a little hair envy too….

Mr. R was in the woods again this morning, and I have finally mastered taking the girls, and baby, to school in the mornings. It entails some, no- a lot, of prep work the night before– but that is my new mantra. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Bottles laid out before bed, bathe kids in the afternoons, school clothes laid on beds, lunches packed– and my latest, cooking dinner in the mornings when the girls are gone.

Yes- that would be Britton helping me bathe. She sings while I bathe, keeping little brother occupied.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that little secret before? Makes those insane 5 o’clock afternoons much less crazy.

And allows for more of this in the evenings….

Not to say they don’t pop out of bed at least 3 times after bedtime asking for water, or a band aid, or a book… anything that might let ‘em break free just a little longer.

Until we wake up and do it all over again.