Britton’s “Big Girl” Room: Phase 2

Although she cringes when I refer to her new color scheme as a “big girl” room- that is, in my mind, what it is.

Thanks to pinterest, she decided that maybe she didn’t want a fluorescent green paint, and instead this is the look she went for:



Daddy, Mama and Britty got down and dirty to get a fresh coat of paint on these walls. Boy, did they need it. Note to self, paint kids rooms every couple years because boy do they start to look dingy.


She now has two book shelves to house and display her junk treasures.  We painted the back of the Ikea bookshelves, thanks to Aunt Coco who was able to determine the perfect shade of pink based on my iPhone picture I texted her. {he truly has missed her calling in the paint color business}.

Britton told me it is the perfect color blend of her.. “Blue because I am kinda a tomboy. Like I usually wear shorts under my dresses. But pink because I am girly too.”

True that.

The labled storage boxes can hold her trinkets like a rock collection, stamps, stickers, old calendar pages that she refuses to throw away, and figurines.

The “silly princess books” that are “babyish” and she no longer reads sit on the top shelf for looks only, I have assured her.

While her bejeweled jewelry box is easily accessible to her little hands.

Good thing I took photos because the shelves won’t stay this organized for long with my little free spirit.

It’s hard to read the label on the white box, but in her handwriting it reads ‘Spy Gear’.

Eventually, we will finish with the final ‘tweaks’– and possibly complete sewing her some throw pillows, and monogramming some shams.

Just when I think I am almost done with this room, middle child syndrome kicks in as Kens asked me when her room is going to get a turn at being “spruced up”….

Like I often say, take a number sweet child.