A Little Bit of This and That

Good intentions. Every day starts with them. A put together to-do list, errands mapped out in your mind, dinner planned. But some days, despite what we hope to accomplish, it just isn’t going to happen.
Today was such.
I should have known when I opened the fridge this morning to boil eggs for Kenley. The full carton landed on floor, open faced, and egg went dancing onto my kitchen floor.
Oh, I had plenty to do. But baby boy had other plans for me, and by noon I was thankful I had even gotten to shower.  Forget make up. Everything I wanted to do went to the wayside. And that’s okay- because there is always tomorrow. That’s the beauty of feeling like you are living a somewhat Groundhog Day kinda life- if it doesn’t get done today, guess what? There’s always tomorrow…. And you do it all again.
That being said— we did get some projects completed this weekend for Miss Britton. Her room now sports a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore “Jet Stream” paint and her bookshelves are drying in the garage, waiting to be assembled. She is one excited little girl.
Finally her junk treasures can be stored away properly. Yes, that’s her put-on-a-pedestal Daddy on the bed painting.
Junk: case in point
Our July baby celebrated her “pretend” birthday at school on Friday. Don’t think the girl didn’t have me buying cupcakes (12 chocolate, 12 vanilla with lime green buttercream icing) with goodie bags to boot. She thought to really drive home that she was the birthday girl, she also needed a gift to unwrap at school. In front of the class. Of course.
True to her bookworm self, she asked that I take her to the bookstore so she could pick out a Sunshine State book. How can I turn down a book request. Once she wrapped it (yes, wrapped it herself in dog gift wrap) she tied a spiky ball to the purple ribbon for special effect.
As I was telling my girlfriends at book club last week about the “pretend birthday” she had planned- I had an Ah Ha moment with my friend Autumn. Britton was the big fish at her old small school. Now she is a small fish at her new big school. The birthday was a way for her to feel special. Duh, I should have figured that out sooner.
She really wanted her Daddy or I to meet her in the dining hall for lunch that day- needless to say neither of us could partake in lunch or cupcakes with her last week, and we have yet to hear the end of it.
I know my child is not deprived and well taken care of. She is happy, confident, healthy, creative and has a new “big girl” {although she hates me calling it that} room in the works. I’d say she’s got it pretty darn good.
Meanwhile, middle child syndrome wants her room redecorated as well.
As I so often do, I told her to take a number. She has more clothes than anyone in the house- be happy and buzz off.
We also buzzed over to Meme’s house recently. Look who is loving having a boy in the family… Who would’ve thunk it? Meme held him for a good half hour talking to him, smiling down at him. Raynes loved it as well- he is lucky to be close to his great grandmothers.
He got to visit with two great grandmothers this week- Meme and Grandma Loretta (Mike’s grandmother).  I think about that sometimes- both my grandfathers, father and grandmother all passed away by the time I was 20. My children are blessed to have a full, loving, and extended family all around them.
Pinterest idea of the week:
One of the many things I had wanted to do was some more organzing of closets… One of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while, and implemented, was this simple, yet clever, idea.
Small baskets, labeled for each child, to be left in the laundry room for all their catch all junk. The McDonalds toys that they refuse to throw away and needs to eventually make its way back to their room.  The hair bow that was left at the breakfast  table. The extra gloves they threw on the floor, on their way out the door, because they decided it was too hot.
It all goes here temporarily- then the girls can take their baskets to put away their stuff.
Grassroots thinking. I love it.