More Sprucing Up

Britton isn’t the only one around here whose room has received some ‘sprucing up.’  While in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, I picked up this little painted Huntley dresser for his room. Don’t remember how I managed without any drawers with my first two nurseries.

So much storage in his room now, I may just have to buy the little guy more clothes to fill his empty drawers and baskets. He’s three months old and already wearing some of his 9 month outfits.

His room also sports a new cow rug-to complete his little rustic theme he’s got going on.  The creme carpet needed a little somethin’ on the floors and this did the trick. Boy, I do love my Atlanta trips..

Raynes is getting chunky and when he smiles he has little dimples in his cheeks- like someone else I know. He adores his big sisters and anything they do is beyond cool in his eyes. He is napping a little better with his Type-A schedule oriented Mama refusing to give up the battle. He has been sleeping better the past couple nights. I am beginning to think the joke is on me- he knows if he cries I will wake up, get out of bed, walk across the house, into his room, and gently place his pacifier back into his mouth.

He is no fool. He has me wrapped around his little finger.

3 months, 1 week old