Britton’s Room Re-Do: Phase 1

Paint. Shelving. Bedding. Accessories.
We have officially begun the process of planning the redo of Britton’s bedroom. She is quick to point out that she was 2 when we moved into this house, and it’s time for more of a “big girl” room, since we all know 8 is the new 16.
We’ve chosen the wall paint,  accent color and will purposely be using her current silk, pink panels. All that is left to do is sweet talk her Daddy into painting it for us.
And maybe putting together the bookshelves too.
While browsing on my favorite-way-to-waste-time-I-really-don’t-have website, Pinterest, tonight- I found these free printables. I bet I can email them to Kinkos to print as a colored, 11×17, then have the next door Hobby Lobby mat and frame them for me for her wall… Hmmmm…

Love, love it because, ain’t it the truth.

Will take these over Justin Beiber posters any day. The website with additional printables can be found by clicking HERE This is the kind of reminders I want my girls to see each day. Look up to God, not to the other idols- they will ultimately disappoint. !

Scary Faces and Fun Places

What is is with my kids and their scary looking, pretend dagger carrying selves?

Kenley—- 11 weeks
They look like tiny serial killers….
Raynes… 11 weeks
Kenley has cashed in on her “personal days” and has been with me. Surprising to me, she’s actually been a bit helpful, even if we are home bound.

What baby doesn’t love having big sister read Pat the Bunny?

And having big sister draw “sketches” for their nursery?
With the two “littles”, of our crew, home with me that past couple days- I am in awe of parents with multiple children within a few years span. My hats off to you. I’m thinking 5 1/2 year space difference is perfect and about all I could have handled, thank you very much.
Raynes little buddy Emory {11 months} is in the same boat with older brothers ages 8 and 5 as well. At least these two will have each other.
First play date

Gift Wrap Station

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ll never have to be creative again.
My Ikea ringleader this weekend, Courtney, gave us a backstage tour so I could grab some items off my list {yes, I took an Ikea list to Atlanta– I’ve moved way beyond nerd. Probably borderline ill}. Mike installed my new wrapping station when I arrived home.
What’s wrong with me? A gift wrap station shouldn’t give me this much pleasure.
The original idea and directions can be found by clicking HERE
Super easy to install too- less than 10 minutes without any cursing from the husband.

Love this idea!

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Oh, I have such the glamourous life. I sat down for a quick second, only to have Poochie escape the front door and bark at the neighbor. I ran out to get her, right into a pile of Poochie. Got myself all cleaned up, then was summoned into the sunroom where baby boy had spit up all over himself. Now I hear two girls yelling at each other. Unless someone is bleeding, they can duke it out for themselves.

Happy three month birthday sweet Michael Raynes!

You are sleeping through the night, smiling, recognizing your family and calm, cool and collected. We are wondering if you are in the right family….

We will keep you either way.

My favorite accessory…..

Switching gears: the weekend… I must say… hubby did a stand up job with our three children this weekend. With only one freak-out phone call {which is to be expected with a 12 week old in the mix} he surprised us all.

The calls were mostly, “how are things going? You having fun?  You bought what? Oh, that sounds nice.”
There was some father/son bonding this weekend for sure.

My sister called to check on her brother-in-law who was home with her nieces and nephew all weekend… at the end of the conversation, he said, “Well thanks for calling and checking on us.” Too funny.  I came home to a bathed and sleeping Raynes, dishes washed, girls playing dolls, and dogs having eaten twice a day for the past two days.

Camera hog had to be contained while I got 3 month photos…

Grandma is back! Looks like her hearing aid fell out.

Come to think of it, he did so well as Mister Mom, that I may just need to plan my next girls trip.  What’s even more strange- is that all day he has spoken my ‘love language’- Acts of Service. While I went back to sleep until 10:18 am Monday morning, he did the yard, put the Christmas decorations in the attic, unpacked my car and straped the car seats back in.

He later took the girls to Fun Station, bought seafood, cooked us all a delicious dinner, and then last night he decided we needed some frozen yogurt and a rented movie from the store down the street.

Oh, I do love those acts of service. Thank you for holding down the fort babe while I went away!

And getting to see my 1 year-old Godson, Downing…

I also enjoyed a nice walk at my Aunt’s house while Britton was taking her piano lesson.
Good thing I was able to enjoy my frozen yogurt with cookie dough and butterfinger, because today begins Round Two of my diet. After having shed 30 pounds since having sweet baby boy, I’m hoping that I can loose the last 10 pounds and be done with egg whites and protein shakes for a while.

Kenley wanted to go on a “run” with me.

In these shoes….

Until then, I will be eating baked chicken and enjoying my recent purchases.

More later….


Spring Break, for adults. That’s what I feel like the weekend was. Except we were sharing crock pot reciepes instead of two-for-one wells.  Complaining about high triglicerides instead of bad hangovers. Waking up early, not sleeping in late.  But for one, if not short, weekend… I get to be my ‘old me’ again.

2008… 30th Birthday Party

2005… 10 year high school reunion

Not Garrett, the wife. Not Garrett, the mother. But who I was before all that…. Garrett, the friend. With both silver and gold- some old friends, some new friends, it was a such a  treat to spend time with my people.

 2005… Wedding

It’s like we go back in time…  Enjoying each other’s company, acting like fools, chatting away all day and long into the night. It’s funny to think we have traded in the string bikinis for Spanx and sweaters, Zema wine coolers for a good Pinot.  No one can ever replace your close girlfriends.

2010.. Moving away party for Coco

Time passes, distance between us, jobs, husbands, children… yet it’s like nothing has changed when we are all together.

2010… Mom of three, I love it.

2007… babies

We can truly appreciate how lucky we are to have each other, thirty years later, just as close as ever.

                                          2004… Girls Weekend

Really, I’d wager to say we are much closer now that before since we’ve traveled through not only the years together, but many life experiences as well:

2005… More Babies

Weddings, bacherlorette parties, divorces, the birth of children, the loss of a pregnancies, the death of a parent, a parent’s wedding, job promotions, job relocations.

2007..  Shocker, More babies

 It has all changed. Yet it hasn’t changed at all. 


At 34, we still have more tomorrows than yesterdays, but that pendeleum may swing the other way sooner than we’d like to think.


These seem to be the “best” years. We are young, but not too young. Energetic, but not wild. Wise, but not old. And our children. Oh, our sweet children. Can they be any sweeter than the age they are now? They may be less work as they get older, but I think they may get a bit more tart too. This is the peak. Today, this is it. Stop, close eyes, breathe it all in.
It couldn’t possibly get any better than this.