Soldiers and Solids

Well, if I was feeling a bit “old” the other day, we definitely made up for it Saturday night.  Six hours of non-stop fun, friends, dancing, bidding, open bars, and a great band— the perfect recipe for a bunch of 30 and 40 year old’s having a grand ol’ time. Fun Garrett was out in full force.
Unfortunately, she did not follow me home and was no where to be found at 4:15 am when Raynes decided to wake up. Not cool, Raynes.  Not cool.

Prior to our wanna-be-spring-break evening, we did the responsible parent thing and saw our child’s first kindergarten performance. She played the perfect soldier in the patriotic program.

If you squink real hard, you can see her dressed in camoflague on the right.

She sang all the songs, complete with hand moves– sweating and smiling at the same time. She is her Daddy’s child. If the room temperature reaches 76 degrees, be prepared for these two to sweat.

There was even an after party in her classroom. That seemed to be a theme last week.

Lately, this is where dog #2 likes to hang out. This must be her clever way to prevent us from overlooking her.

In other exciting news, little bit had his first taste of real food tonight. This came in the form of sweet potatoes and… he loved them.

Although my Bobby Bowden glasses are suppose to be like my slippers, for in house wearing only,  I had to document this big event and swallow my pride. This is a big day for my little boy.

We had our 4 month well visit last week:

He was in the 50th % for weight at a mere 15 lbs

As Mary Poppins would say he is, “practically perfect in every way.”

When Doctor Auntie Anna asked if he was rolling over, I replied no.
‘Is he laughing yet?’ she asked. No, I said.

 She looked at me, then smiling looked to Raynes and said, “Raynes, we don’t care if you aren’t meeting all your milestones yet because you are so cute”.

That’s my boy, already coasting through life on his good looks.

Poochie seems to think she can do the same thing.

After cleaning her poop up from the rug yesterday, I can tell you, she would be wrong.

I have a great recent Britton’ism story, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


Time Marches On

What’s this I see ? A working keyboard? Ahhh– to have the letters t,r,g,i, and e back.  Welcome.
The girls enjoyed some nice weather, earlier this week, before the rain and cooler air pushes in this weekend.
While my keys on the keyboard may have been still the past few days, my wheels in my mind have been turning.
Mostly about age.
Someone recently pointed out to me, that in 3 months, I would have a fourth grader. A fourth grader. Isn’t that what older, somewhat frumpy, mom-jean wearing moms have? A fourth grader. How is it possible that my July baby can be that old? Moreover, when did I get to be this old?
I can remember being in fourth grade: We had an end of the year swimming party. Courtney and I launched our first company, G&C Fashions. I started the first day of school sporting an Esprit dress and tan mustache because my mom put hot pink Zinc sunscreen on my face, everywhere except above my lips, while at a family reunion in Spanish Wells.  It went good with my perm though.

My baby girl turns six next week. The same baby girl that had to eat  high calorie Neosure/breast milk milkshakes, for months, in a last ditch effort to put weight on her little body.

She wears a size 7 jean now, and just played the best camouflage-dressed soldier in her kindergarten’s patriotic program this morning.

When I registered her for our church’s summer vacation bible school, I realized she will be considered elementary aged- 1st grade. What?  She’s old. Which can only mean one thing- I am old.

In April, Mike and I will celebrate our 11 year anniversary. My parents celebrated an 11 year anniversary. That’s what real parents do. Get married and celebrate anniversaries that are double digits. I mean, come on, that’s old.

Mike and I went to see a movie recently, and there was a preview for the new 3D version of Titanic. That was the first date Mike and I had, was to that movie in 1998. So, while they were showing this preview, two college aged girls were sitting behind us talking. I heard one of them whisper to the other, “did you ever see that movie?”  Her friend responded, “Yes, but I can’t remember how it ended. I was really young when it came out.”

Really young? Seriously? I must be old.

Next month I will turn 35. I’ve known for 11 months that I am 34, but I just didn’t think about the fact, that the next birthday would be a 35th. That’s when people start rounding you up to {whisper it} forty.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not worried about getting older because of looks- you can only fight that so much. It freaks me out a little because I don’t know how I got here.

Oh, to be in the mind of Britton…..

I feel like I just had these babies {okay, so one of them I really did just have- 19 weeks ago to be exact), and can’t seem to recollect where the time has gone.

That’s what I am trying to say.

How did I get to be an almost 35 year old, celebrating 11 years of marriage, with three children?

I am not going to run out and buy a fancy, red corvette, inject my lips with collagen, or find myself a new husband. I love my life and realize how lucky I am. But… it does cause me to pause, and think, when exactly did this happen? 

There, now I really sound like an old person– rambling on about ‘where does the time go’.

Meme Moments

More Meme moments….

Unil my new keyoad ari ves, no moe typing….

Reading Rainbow

Kenley has turned into quite the reader… she loves, loves, loves to read. Any and all books- pictures, no pictures, it really doesn’t matter to her.
She recently went to {with my permission} and made a birthday wish list… and it was mostly books. 

Fancy Nany Heart to Heart
Barbie and a Mermaid Tale 2
Ariel: The Birthday Surprise
Minnie and Moo

Oh, my little nerd.  Now the teacher has her bringing home extra homework for her to complete, and Kenley cannot wait to open up her Fish Folder and get started.

All she really needs now, is an audience. Dee Dee, Raynes and Meme make the perfect captive, attentive listeners.

I almost threw her a ‘bookwork’ birthday party, but instead opted for a Chic Cowgirl Party instead. Gitty up!

Knit Hats and Cold Snaps

Finally, some cooler weather.

Mike’s Miami family {Jeanne} sends us beautiful knit headbands, sweaters, hats and vests for the kids every year. Raynes is bundled and ready to ride out.

With buds starting to blossom on the trees around us, I am afraid a mild winter is all we will receive this year.

Mike’s younger brother, Danny, is doing well with his chemo treatments so far. We appreciate the prayers for a quick response and swift recovery.