100th Day of School

100 days- we have arrived.
The girls recently celebrated the 100th day of school. The kindergartners especially made a big hoop-la about it.  Counting 100 M&Ms, making hats with “100” glued on top, playing mystery math with “100” magically appearing in the mathamatic squares.
100 days ago, there was much stress, self doubt and endless guilt, on my part, for bringing upon even more change for my daughters, by having them both transfer to another school.
A new baby, new school, new friends, new teachers.
New. Different. Strange. Unknown.

Photo compliments of my friend, Susan, who is getting quite good with her Nikon.

And here we are, 100 days in….

And all is well with the world.

The lesson I have learned is that sometimes we loose sleep, worry, feel like we aren’t good parents {and have twitchy eyes} for no good reason after all. 

Every mom is going to leave their weeping toddler at preschool for the first time.  Guilt.

Or put their fever ridden baby in a cold bath in the middle of the night. Worry.
Run over the events of the day in our mind, wishing we had spent more time with our kids, instead of spending our time working. Losing sleep over it.
Wishing we had been more patient with our kids today, instead of yelling.  Feeling like we aren’t good parents.
But the fact of the matter is, we are all just doing the best we can do.

It’s normal to resist change, keep what is familiar and comfortable.
Normal to question ourselves, feel guilty about this or that. Wring our hands and furrow our brows hoping we are making the right choices.

But what I now know is…. change can be a good thing.

Got it.