Britton, the babysitter

I probably should have posted this last night, when B was in a good mood.
Like most “spirited” children, she woke up this morning, in a bad mood….
Changes like the weather…

Regardless, she is always sweet to her favorite little brother, Ra nay nays.  In her eyes, he can do no wrong.


Like Kenley, Raynes enjoys anything electronic.

Now there are two mini-Mike’s in our house. Every time I look at Mike’s face, I can’t help but see this little guy.


We celebrated my uncles 50th {finally} birthday this weekend– it was a Red Solo Cup keg party, how clever!

For purposes {of this being} her ‘baby book’, here are some of the things she has been up to lately:
  • Alphabetizing her books on the shelves
  • Creating different electronic ‘circuts’ from her board game
  • wearing as many silly bands as she can fit on one wrist
  • asking us what everything around her costs
  • asking me to help her get dressed for school in the mornings, as a stall tactic
  • loving her new DVD, Soul Surfer
  • shooting her new BB gun
  • playing with some new neighbors who have a 2 year old boy
  • planning her birthday party, which is in…. July


Lovely comments

  1. 1' says

    I can totally relate to the first part of this post…I have a spirited/strong willed 1st born and wow, can the moods change-yikes. Glad to know I’m not alone ha :)

    The kids are all so cute and Raynes is getting so big. love your blog :)