Christmas Craft

Ahead of things… or really far behind, take your pick.
Photo Christmas garland for next Christmas.  I’ve been at it again– found Pinterest tutorial HERE
It was just as easy as the lady described. The only change I made was I printed all the photos in Sepia.
I printed some of them as a 5×7 {on my printer} but the best ones were cropped true to size (6″ x 5″) using Picasa.
And here is a Hobby Lobby insight which I recently figured out. If you use your iPhone you can always find a 40% off coupon from their website.
If you look close up, yes- they look homemade. But far away they look old and neat. I managed to find most of our old Christmas card photos on my memory disk, then printed them all the same sepia tone to uniform them, with different Christmas scrapbook paper on the back.

Laid them on a glass so they could dry…..

Still need to finish attaching the Christmas ribbons. But, I do have another ten months technically.  All the fresh garland has lond since been gone… so there is no ‘Christmas-y’ way to display, but surely I can find a place for them next December.

I am officially Modge Podge’d out.
At least until next week….