Hearts, Snot and Sewing

Raynes and I both managed to catch colds this weekend… must be from all the kisses I constantly plant on his getting-fatter-by-the-day-little cheeks- coupled with the pollen that has managed to arrive in February.

Um, where was our winter? Thinking it would surely be freezing like last year, we installed gas fireplace logs and ordered some nice warm Uggs… and nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not but maybe four cold days this entire winter. Crazy.

Raynes is a good sick patient though- letting me suction his nose with that horrible apparatus they sent me home from the hospital with {that I thought I had thrown away but found in the way back of his drawer}.

We are getting geared up for next week when we start solids. The big four month milesttone. I don’t remember exactly when, but I feel certain my girls had started cereal long ago, when they were babies. In fact, Brittton was eating steak about now. Maybe the new menu will keep him from waking me up {on average} three times a nigh to retrieve his pacifier. We will put his little fanny in a food coma.

I love it when Poochie pretends to be a watch dog. I wish she could have “pretended” to do laundry today after she barfed on our sofa.  Poor girl, guess we have all been under the weather ’round here.

Can’t keep a good man down….

I realized that the hand-me-down socks he has been wearing, are in fact, not golf shoe socks, rather ballerina slippers.

And the black fleece pants I picked up at Target last week… well, I noticed today that they have tiny, black grosgrain ribbons on the pockets.

One of the few things I made for him… appliqued onesies. My girls would never owned any- only dresses. This guy wears them all the time.

Sorry baby boy, I will try to do better at this boy stuff.

I started, and am about finished, with a little project for his nursery….  Turned out pretty darn cool.

Oh, and Kenley’s valentine cards this year– same as last year. I figured since she is at a new school we can get away with the same valentine idea as LAST YEAR.

Britton is trying something new this year… very fitting to her personality. Dae nih on he couch is callin my name {see, the keys ae stickin again!}.

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    Garrett – I had no idea that your girls did the picture/lollipop cards last V-Day! (I think that was before I figured out the blogging world and how to “follow” blogs.) Guess what I just finished up for Regan??? Saw the idea on another blog and copied it. Perhaps I owe credit to you!!
    Oh, and Marshall lives in onesies too (along with bundles of hand-me downs, even some of Regan’s …we just won’t tell him that!) :)