Pantry Update

Mike thought I had lost my ever loving mind recently when I announced I was painting the pantry. Wearing an old night gown with paint brush in hand, I began my put-off project at 9:00 pm after all our  babies were fast asleep. 
It was one of those, oh what a great idea, ideas at first- so I purchased paint, brought it home where it has been sitting in my kitchen for the past two months.
Because, really, who actually wants to paint a pantry?
Well, painted I did, and after finally organizing it– snacks section, breads, baby supplies, dog paraphernalia, baking basket, chip basket, etc.– it is done. Nobody better mess it up now.

While in Atlanta last month, I found these cool, old baskets at a flea market and thought I could find a way to use them in there.

Why can’t we have an Ikea here?

I also picked up these old, painted boxes at Scotts which I’ve hung in the kitchen to collect “hands” for each of the girls. Saw a great idea of a chore chart, and underneath it read:

 “Many hands make less work”

I had the girls trace their hands on construction paper {they chose their favorite color}, and cut them out. After each chore, the girls put a hand in their box which is worth 10 cents. At the end of the week, they count their hands and collect their money.

With three kids I’ll try anything to keep my life organized and sane….