Pearls of Wisdom


There have been some great pearls of wisdom shared with me recently.

“You’re only as happy as your saddest child.” my Aunt once said. Ain’t that the truth.

15 weeks old….. no idea what he weighs now, but he sure is happy.

My friend Courtney {not Shea} says, “When you have children, you sacrifice one car and one couch.”  Amen.

This is the day after I vacuumed my car.  113, 000 miles and still going strong.

Britton told me again she wished she could go back to her old school. Feeling guilty, I called my mom and she said, “This is a good life lesson for your children, which is: You can’t always get what you want. They are in a great school. Get over it.” So I did.

When I had Britton in 2003, another Mom said to me, “Just remember- it’s all phases.” I’ve always wondered how she knew that, seeing that her baby was only three months older.

I love the mom that said, “I don’t focus on what I don’t give me children each day. I focus on what I do give them.”  Why do we choose to constantly focus on what we aren’t doing, living under a cloud of guilt?

At a friend’s funeral in 2003, someone speaking told us of some advice he gave to my friend as he left for college.  “Don’t save Jesus for church. Make Him a part of your everyday life.” I am  trying my darn-dest to instill this in my children.

He is everywhere.

Happiness is a choice. When you wake up each morning, choose to be happy.

And so I do.