Pop’s Workshop

Watch out Pops.
Britton loves spending time with him in his workshop. She had literary ‘Character Day’ at her school recently, and she wanted to be a character from the Harry Potter book. So, she needed a wand- as all good wizards do. Not one that we make out of construction paper {my bad}- but a “real” wooden wand no less. I walk into my office one afternoon and she has found the perfect wizard wand online that she was trying to print and snail mail to Pops in Indianapolis.
Wasn’t she fascinated when I showed her how to email the link directly to him in Indy. Probably not my most brilliant idea, as no telling how many more “sketches” and “ideas” she has since emailed to her dear Pops for their next workshop project.

Within several hours of landing at the local airport, Pops was hard at work whipping up a quick wooden wizard wand for his oldest granddaughter, the Wizard.

She was so proud to take her engraved, wooden wand into her 3rd grade classroom the next day. Way cool for all the 8-9 year olds.

This is where you can often find the two of them on the weekends….

The child below is hit or miss. Sometimes she will hang, while often times she complains of the dust and heads back inside to paint with Sassy {or “eat a snack”}.

Pops does love his workshop- almost as much as his girls. It’s like a large craft room- only for men.

Britton could sit atop her little metal stool all day long watching her Pops- and she does quite often.

Is she in her element, or what?

She wanted Sassy to “smell” where he had etched carvings at the handle.
And… the finished product.
My little Wizards were so happy- because you know little sister got a handmade wand too.