Reading Rainbow

Kenley has turned into quite the reader… she loves, loves, loves to read. Any and all books- pictures, no pictures, it really doesn’t matter to her.
She recently went to {with my permission} and made a birthday wish list… and it was mostly books. 

Fancy Nany Heart to Heart
Barbie and a Mermaid Tale 2
Ariel: The Birthday Surprise
Minnie and Moo

Oh, my little nerd.  Now the teacher has her bringing home extra homework for her to complete, and Kenley cannot wait to open up her Fish Folder and get started.

All she really needs now, is an audience. Dee Dee, Raynes and Meme make the perfect captive, attentive listeners.

I almost threw her a ‘bookwork’ birthday party, but instead opted for a Chic Cowgirl Party instead. Gitty up!