Soldiers and Solids

Well, if I was feeling a bit “old” the other day, we definitely made up for it Saturday night.  Six hours of non-stop fun, friends, dancing, bidding, open bars, and a great band— the perfect recipe for a bunch of 30 and 40 year old’s having a grand ol’ time. Fun Garrett was out in full force.
Unfortunately, she did not follow me home and was no where to be found at 4:15 am when Raynes decided to wake up. Not cool, Raynes.  Not cool.

Prior to our wanna-be-spring-break evening, we did the responsible parent thing and saw our child’s first kindergarten performance. She played the perfect soldier in the patriotic program.

If you squink real hard, you can see her dressed in camoflague on the right.

She sang all the songs, complete with hand moves– sweating and smiling at the same time. She is her Daddy’s child. If the room temperature reaches 76 degrees, be prepared for these two to sweat.

There was even an after party in her classroom. That seemed to be a theme last week.

Lately, this is where dog #2 likes to hang out. This must be her clever way to prevent us from overlooking her.

In other exciting news, little bit had his first taste of real food tonight. This came in the form of sweet potatoes and… he loved them.

Although my Bobby Bowden glasses are suppose to be like my slippers, for in house wearing only,  I had to document this big event and swallow my pride. This is a big day for my little boy.

We had our 4 month well visit last week:

He was in the 50th % for weight at a mere 15 lbs

As Mary Poppins would say he is, “practically perfect in every way.”

When Doctor Auntie Anna asked if he was rolling over, I replied no.
‘Is he laughing yet?’ she asked. No, I said.

 She looked at me, then smiling looked to Raynes and said, “Raynes, we don’t care if you aren’t meeting all your milestones yet because you are so cute”.

That’s my boy, already coasting through life on his good looks.

Poochie seems to think she can do the same thing.

After cleaning her poop up from the rug yesterday, I can tell you, she would be wrong.

I have a great recent Britton’ism story, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


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