Superbowl Sunday

While I admittingly don’t know much about football, I am always trying to learn new recipes. In search of an appetizer to take to a friend’s house tonight for the big superbowl game- I stumbled upon this mini “hamburger” receipe.

Lucky for the kiddos, it is actually a dessert:

The “buns” are peanut butter cookies.
The “shredded lettuce” is coconut shavings with green food dye
The “meat” is actually a brownie.
And the “ketchup” is red icing.

I thought they were cuter than they would probably taste, but suprisingly adults and children alike enjoyed their superbowl burgers.

The idea was found HERE.
Back to the game….

Not that I am actually watching. Or care….. Don’t ask me who is playing, because honestly I have already forgotten.