There’s an App for That {4 months old}

iPhones are amazing. There is an apple “app” for virtually everything. Even for remembering your child’s birthday. I had installed a Babycenter app, months ago, that sent me a ‘push notification’ this morning that my baby is 4 months old today. Happy birthday Raynes- you were born October 17th, 2011 and are now 4 months old. 
In my defense, I hadn’t totally forgotten. When people ask me how old he is, I reply, “Oh, he will be 4 months old next Friday”. Friday just kinda snuck up on me, that’s all.
So we did an impromptu ‘4 month photo session’ with this minature, but handsome, model.

Since I never know what to say, when folks ask me how much you weigh- I fixed that today. Holding you in my arms, I stood on the scale in my bathroom with you.  And according to Dr. Mom, you weigh about 17 lbs. 


You are still sleeping 12-13 hours at night, with the occasional, ‘mom-wake-up-and-bring-me-my-pacifier cry’. Not cool. But, then again, you got to sleep by 6:00 pm and I don’t scoop you up until 6:45 am the next morning. So I’ll stop complaining.

You eat cereal in your last bottle of the day {you have only 4 big feedings a day}. You think eating cereal from a spoon is way too much work, so you are still a bottle only kinda kid..  That will soon change I feel certain.

You love sleeping on your back now- so much so that you have decided ‘tummy time’ is for wimps. You hate it.  I know this because you never cry. There are some exceptions to that: when you get your diaper changed, when you are hungry… and when you are ready for your siesta.

If you ever have an all out crying fit, I might just dial 911 because something would be terrribly wrong.

You can hold that head of yours up, love to look at yourself, and are still a bit wobbly when it comes to sitting up on your own.  You can put some weight on your feet, when standing, but you are my last baby so I won’t be pushing you to walk early like I did my first baby.

You love to snuggle with your stuffed dog and bunny, “Lolly” and “Wolly” respectively. The sleep “dress” {aka sleep sac} that we made fun of your Godbrother, Downing, for wearing… yep, you too wear it proudly and love every minute of it.

You are teething something fierce, with your fists and fingers always in your mouth. You seem rather small to be teething, but as I know all to well, my babies grow up fast.

You, sweet boy, complete our family. None of us know how much we needed you and now here you are. We love you more than we could have ever imagined, and always will.

Happy 4 month birthday little Francis.