Raynes: 5 1/2 months

We took little guy to the park for the first time. Someone there asked how old my baby girl was. Do you think it was because of his outfit? Or the sun bonnet perhaps?

At any rate, he enjoyed the swings- briefly. Would help if he would learn to sit up. Or roll over, take your pick.

Thank you for your sweet comments and emails about mean girls. I spoke with Britton’s teacher- who said said she had a chat with little miss nasty, and told her she better stop it now as she would be watching her at recess. Gosh, I love a good teacher who is willing to nip that in the bud!

Guess with little boys, the drama may be one less thing I have to worry about.


Mean Girls

I thought I had until at least middle school until having to worry about mean girls. Middle school- the dreaded years. Unfortunately, it now starts much earlier than the sixth grade.
There is a girl in Britton’s class, I’ll call her “Dana” that is constantly mean to Britton. I thought it would blow over or she would move on to the next child to peck, but Britton seems to be her target of choice lately.
I’m really at a loss as to what to do. Britton is a sweet, younger than most (July birthday), imaginative child. No, she is not perfect and can be quite a handful of spitfire at home, but she has a good heart and has always gotten along well with her peers.
Eight is  the age where she wants to fit in with her peers- she asks me to shop at the same store “Justice” (too far), ride in the front seat (against the law), and even pack the same lunch box foods as her peers (bright green jello- seriously?).
Every child will probably go through this at some point- and I guess what bothers me the most is that she doesn’t complain to me about. Rather, she just tells me in an it-happened-like-this kind of way.
Here is a perfect example, today was class picture day. Britton spent 45 minutes this morning primping (usually I have a hard time getting her to brush her hair). She picked out her ruffled skort, pink horse BFF t-shirt, argyle socks last night. When I went into her bedroom this morning, I found a “Hairstyle How To” guide lying on her floor next to her hair brush. B even picked out a pearl headband to wear, and we all know she don’t do that anymore!  She asked if she could put on clear lip balm, and some sparkly lotion as well.  So much time was spent primping, that the Fashionista had to eat her breakfast in the car (a first).
Feeling good about yourself is important, especially for girls, no matter what age you are. And by golly, it was picture day and I wanted her to feel good about herself. And so, with a little bit of bedazzle on her cheekbones and some faux diamond earrings, she did.
Then this little “Dana” person told her she looked like a silly dressed like girly-girl and made fun of her outfit in front of the other girls. I could strangle her. 
Always telling Briton that she cannot play whatever silly game they play on the playground, because of Britton wants to be a “cat” and they don’t like cats. Or whatever the reason may be. She tries to be the ring leader of what really is a sweet group of girls.
I’ve tried explaining to my daughter, that the only reason people say mean things about other people, is because they feel bad about themselves. Saying something nasty about someone else, in an attempt to make them feel better about themselves. I told Britton we should feel sorry for this girl, and even went so far as to tell B to pray for her.
But her middle-school-clique behavior has continued, and now Mama bear is pissed.
This phase of parenting is new to me, and I really don’t know how to handle the situation.  I work so hard to instill confidence in my daughters and I’ll be darned if some little shit girl is going to take that away from her at age eight.
I’m sure, like any phase of parenting,  I will figure this one out. I just need to cool down first and glue my heart back together.

Dear Mom

Mom and Dale are at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, this week, visiting family. Her phone access is scarce while at the hospital- which is strange when I am used to talking with her four times a day. It’s a little sick, I know.

So I had to revert to what is now known as, the old-fashioned form of communication. Email.

This is what I sent her. What a random update:

Dear Mom,
Kenley’s eyes have really irritated her today (due to allergies) and her teacher asked me to bring medicine to the school. She had to skip ballet too- poor girl.
Tucker has been in the hospital for the past 4 days and underwent surgery for an abscess on her head/eye that got reinfected.
Britton wants me to take her to Hobby Lobby today to pick our fabric for, are you ready, an Easter skirt for me to sew her! She saw me making Kenley’s long multi-fabric last night and went crazy over it. She even had me buy bright pink nail polish at the Walgreens today for her. Um, where did my tomboy go?
After eating Oreos, Ice cream sandwiches, fried grouper, cold beer and cinnamon rolls over Spring Break- Mike and I are back on a health kick. I’ve managed to drop the 4 pounds I had gained over the short spring break.
Raynes now eats baby food for lunch and dinner- he told me he was hungry.
Mike talked the kitchen counter guy down on the pricing, and we are getting granite counter tops. Happy birthday to me. I guess when you turn 35, new counter tops are the most exciting gift you can get!
Thank goodness Mama Mary is here!

Spring Break- Phase Two

Phase Two: Consisted of more white sand, bathing suits, beach towels, cold beer and salt air.

With a little bit of AB mixed in.

The weather wasn’t exactly sunny Saturday morning, so we docked at the home of one of Sara Britton’s friends. Leave it to the town mayor to know the owners of one of the four houses on the tiny island.

The girls hunkered down in beach towels, armed with gold fish and PBJ’s until the sprinkles subsided.

Yes, Mom, those are Oatmeal Pies. I pained me to buy them at the Piggly Wiggly but I was attempting to be a fun mom, throwing my usual anti-pesticide propensity out the window. At least for one day.  Now it’s back to organic apples and whole wheat bread.

Little Raynes went with the flow- hanging on the beach for six hours without a peep. Thank goodness we I didn’t forget him when we left the island.

Checking on the boat at sunset….

Twelve weeks to go until baby “Whit” arrives.

Mike making me pose this time…. like being behind the camera for a reason.

Until this summer….

We will be back soon little beach!

Spring Break- Phase One

Last week at this time, we were sitting in a lovely Mexican restaurant in Rosemary Beach. Also known as Phase One of Spring Break Twenty-Twelve.
Although mighty close to the infamous Panama City Beach, these days its more family sized-SUV to cruise along 30A, with Strawberry Shortcake bicycles strapped to the back, silver handle bar streamers flowing in the wind.

Don’t get me wrong, “Spring Break twenty-twelve” style was awesine, just much different than the days of La Vila, Zima wine coolers and cheesy one liners along the same Highway 98.

Give me bouncy seats and 75+ sunscreen any day!

Raynes, in true third baby fashion, spent the majority of his time being totted around, strolled to, and parked inside his infant carrier.  Daytime, he was a joy.
Night time was a different story.

Every two hours he woke up. The second night, Daddy opted to sleep in a different room leaving Raynes and me to sleep restlessly together.

 I left Daddy to watch him while I went back to the car for a bottle, and came back to find this. Men….

A 102 fever turned out to be his first ear infection. Awesome.

I very non-chalantly pointed out some cute boys, riding their bikes, to Britton. She was quite embarrassed. Oh, please say I am not gonna be that Mom who is always embarrassing their kid.

Daddy checking Apple the stock market.

Britton made us pose on the crowded beach while she snapped about 20 photos, instructing us to hold hands, then kiss, then dance. Not awkward at all B….

We had to drive to Seaside for the Winnebago grill cheese… and this is why I lug around my camera bag all the time.

Because you never know what your favorite shot of the weekend will be.

The girls say Raynes is “going to work with Daddy” in this outfit.

And that…..

Is a little bit of  Rosemary to go.