A couple weeks back, Britton hurt her knee by rolling down a dirt pile while playing with her friend, Beau. Yes, rolling down a large pile of dirt. Her knee hit a rock and she “carried on,” her Daddy later explained, crying and whining and making a big fuss about it.
We brushed off her complaints, like we always do, with two very dramatic girls.  After a couple of days of her hopping on the one good leg, we saw that lo’ and behold her knee was swollen and and bruised. So on a rainy, sleepy, Sunday afternoon Daddy is nomiated to take her to the nearby walk in clinic.

Sure enough the X-ray confirmed that everything was intact, but little ears heard the doc say if it wasn’t better in a few days she might need crutches. {I am guessing she asked him this directly in hopes of an answer such as this}
Crutches-  to a third grader, it’s the equivalent of getting a new car. Or walking down the aisle in your beautiful, white wedding gown. All the attention is on you.
So, like the birthday party, B was psyched {and determined} at the prospect of crutching into third grade with a pretend injury.
Mike caved and bought her crutches from Walgreens, and sure enough- not even 48 hours later, after the newness wears off, and the armpits are sore, she decides her knee is better.
It reminded me of a scene in a childhood movie, Pete’s Dragon, when the medicine man claims to cure a crippled man, and just like that {snap} he drops his cane and can walk.
That was Britton, she went from “I can’t put any weight on it” to “I am fine”  laying her crutches on the floor and walking off to her next adventure.