Dear Mom

Mom and Dale are at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, this week, visiting family. Her phone access is scarce while at the hospital- which is strange when I am used to talking with her four times a day. It’s a little sick, I know.

So I had to revert to what is now known as, the old-fashioned form of communication. Email.

This is what I sent her. What a random update:

Dear Mom,
Kenley’s eyes have really irritated her today (due to allergies) and her teacher asked me to bring medicine to the school. She had to skip ballet too- poor girl.
Tucker has been in the hospital for the past 4 days and underwent surgery for an abscess on her head/eye that got reinfected.
Britton wants me to take her to Hobby Lobby today to pick our fabric for, are you ready, an Easter skirt for me to sew her! She saw me making Kenley’s long multi-fabric last night and went crazy over it. She even had me buy bright pink nail polish at the Walgreens today for her. Um, where did my tomboy go?
After eating Oreos, Ice cream sandwiches, fried grouper, cold beer and cinnamon rolls over Spring Break- Mike and I are back on a health kick. I’ve managed to drop the 4 pounds I had gained over the short spring break.
Raynes now eats baby food for lunch and dinner- he told me he was hungry.
Mike talked the kitchen counter guy down on the pricing, and we are getting granite counter tops. Happy birthday to me. I guess when you turn 35, new counter tops are the most exciting gift you can get!
Thank goodness Mama Mary is here!