Giddy Up {Kenley’s Cowgirl Party}

We pulled on our boots, rode some ponies, and had some good ol’ fashioned cowgirl fun to celebrate a dimpled six year-old’s big day.

I may have sewn her skirt, but she accessorized her outfit….

We were moved inside the barn due to the looming bad weather, but the girls didn’t seem to mind.  The owner thought I was crazy when I whipped out my white tablecloth inside her stable.  What can I say, that’s how I roll. Manure and roses, hay and silver.

Once a Mama’s girl, always a Mama’s girl.

Thank you Holly for the cupcake toppers… They were a hit, and many girls asked if they could “keep” theirs.

And thank you for the invites {and matching thank you notecards} as well…

Pops, along with Gan, Sassy, and Nana got to sit inside a somewhat muggy barn for 2 hours smelling horses, getting their feet dirty, carrying ice, and relaxing with 17 six year olds. Ain’t it great being a grandparent!

Those crazy kindergartners.

And in-love Sassys.

Little guy was passed around and loved every minute of it.

Aunt Britty is hoping that Allie Boone Nee Nees will love the smell of horse manure as much as she does.

Uncle Matt, who would have to finance that hobby, is hoping she doesn’t.

Bernard, the magic cat, did tricks for the kids- despite having no tail.

Gan and R moments before we volunteered all the men to ride the hayride with the kids.

Getting ready for a little hayride action.

Kenley and her buddy.

See how happy Mike looks to be on the ride.

Aunt Britty at 25 weeks pregnant. This is the first, and hopefully not last, prego photo. Little Matthew Whitman “Whit” Jacobs, Jr. is scheduled to arrive at the end of June. Raynes is patiently waiting for another little boy to play with.

See how thrilled Uncle Matt and Gan look.

Apparently, she told a handful of her friends that they ‘had to wear pink’ to her party. They were happy to oblige.

Craft time too– I told the lady running the place that I would like to book for the next 5 years. That should take us to age 11.

These animals were putting Poochie and  Tucker to shame. A poodle that jumps rope, what?

ABJ that she was cool hanging with the big kids.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.


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