Here, There and Yonder

Spring Break is upon us. We will be here for a bit, there for a while, and over yonder next weekend.

 Punk gloves!

One. Two. Three of them. So wierd. Still.

Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?

Someone is so darn close to rolling over- pausing on his side, not knowing what to do next.  It’s gonna happen.. soon. Very soon.

I repainted a larger, older bookshelf ‘ballet pink’ recently to house Kenley’s growing book collection. The girl would read from sun up to sun down, if she could.   She reads out loud, she reads to her Barbies, to her brother, her class, me, her Daddy… anyone willing audience will suffice.

I guess all that reading is paying off because her teacher now sends homework each week. K got the biggest kick out of it. Now, Kenley brings special homework home every  night. To keep it interesting, it’s intended for first graders.  And here I have been calling her my little blond child… not sure where she gets her smarts from because it sure ain’t me.

13 years of private schooling and two year s of  SAT tutoring got me into the fine, cut throat school known as the University of Alabama.

I’ve always been jealous of the “smart kids”- while I had to make flash cards and study days in advances, folks like Mary Heather could attend class, is all, and score an A. 

Maybe her new butterball will take after his/her Auntie Garrett- because, surely pine straw does come from the local nursery.

A new school spirit skirt for Kens.

Spring Break 2012– Three kids, two dogs, loaded down with groceries, Vera Bradley and DVDs and maybe even a couple bottles of a good Pinot for good measure.

And a special happy birthday to my God daughter, Railey– 5 years old on this St. Patty’s Day!