Mo’ Photos {Kenley’s Cowgirl Party- Part 2}

So, my friend, Susan, emails me a few weeks ago asking my about my camera lens. She plays all I-am-new-at-this-if-you-have-any tips for me….
Umm, hardly. Check out these photos. Talk about having an eye for photography! She may be a graphic designer, but I am still impressed.
Thank you Susan for a fun little surprise disc in Kenley’s backpack today.

{none have been edited- which is even more unbelievable}.

I love this for two reasons: One, it is so what I am always doing- snapping pictures. And two, there’s now a photo of it!

There’s that cat with no tail again.

Mary Cate- Kenley’s buddy. Her older sister and B are also pals. I do love little girls.

Raynes, chilling and doing his thing. The boy has some teeth on the way.

Only Kenley continues to eat and drink while blowing out candles.

Unwrapping presents… This might be the only age where little friends enjoy watching others open presents. No matter how long it takes.

Once a big sister, always a big sister.

And a soon to be big sister….

Until next birthday celebration…

Britton has already begun scheming planning her July party.