Snooze Button

A dawdler. Every house has one. In our home, it’s Britty Bear. At her request, her alarm clock is set at 6:30 am every morning. Two hours before her school, one mile away, starts.
If the child is out of bed by 7:20 am, it’s a miracle. I feel like a drill Sergent most mornings, constantly saying, {and eventually yelling} ‘Britton, rise and shine. Britton, get up.’  Britton get dressed. Britton sit at the bar. Britton eat your breakfast. Britton, did you brush your teeth? Britton, has Tucker been fed? Is your bed made yet?  Did you put your homework folder back in your backpack? I get tired of listening to myself.  Not to mention, it’s not fair to my other daughter to have to listen to this, when she is dressed in her bella pants, hair bow in place, and quietly devouring her first meal of the day.
After much thought, I have decided that I am doing my children and injustice by constantly reminding, nagging, and doing for them.

After speaking with a couple of different wise Moms, my new theory is that it is her responsibility to get dressed. It’s up to Britton to put her completed homework in her backpack.
If she isn’t dressed by the time we leave for school, well then– go to school in your PJs. Bet it will be the first and last time that it ever happens.  If they forget to turn in their homework, well, then you get a bad grade that day.
If she didn’t “have time” to finish her two chores before school (make bed and feed dog), then by golly there is a consequences. Without consequences, these girls can basically pick and choose what chores they want to do each day.  And that’s not real life. Down the road, when they get their first job, or attending college as Freshmen somewhere, it will be up to them to get up for class. Or wake up for work. They will not be able to pick the easiest tasks their boss gives them, or whine their way out of a situation. So although B may not like it, my job is to help shape her into a spiritual, responsible, caring, compassionate and kind adult. And it begins at a very young age– when we tell our kids, “no biting”.

So, if you see a kid walking down the road carrying a teal LLBean back pack, wearing pajamas… and you can’t be sure, but it looks like she may have brown teeth from not brushing, don’t judge. We’ll get there!

Note: if you hear the same ol’ songs on this playlist it’s because I can’t get the sound to work on the new fancy monitor. Go figure.