Spring Break- Phase One

Last week at this time, we were sitting in a lovely Mexican restaurant in Rosemary Beach. Also known as Phase One of Spring Break Twenty-Twelve.
Although mighty close to the infamous Panama City Beach, these days its more family sized-SUV to cruise along 30A, with Strawberry Shortcake bicycles strapped to the back, silver handle bar streamers flowing in the wind.

Don’t get me wrong, “Spring Break twenty-twelve” style was awesine, just much different than the days of La Vila, Zima wine coolers and cheesy one liners along the same Highway 98.

Give me bouncy seats and 75+ sunscreen any day!

Raynes, in true third baby fashion, spent the majority of his time being totted around, strolled to, and parked inside his infant carrier.  Daytime, he was a joy.
Night time was a different story.

Every two hours he woke up. The second night, Daddy opted to sleep in a different room leaving Raynes and me to sleep restlessly together.

 I left Daddy to watch him while I went back to the car for a bottle, and came back to find this. Men….

A 102 fever turned out to be his first ear infection. Awesome.

I very non-chalantly pointed out some cute boys, riding their bikes, to Britton. She was quite embarrassed. Oh, please say I am not gonna be that Mom who is always embarrassing their kid.

Daddy checking Apple the stock market.

Britton made us pose on the crowded beach while she snapped about 20 photos, instructing us to hold hands, then kiss, then dance. Not awkward at all B….

We had to drive to Seaside for the Winnebago grill cheese… and this is why I lug around my camera bag all the time.

Because you never know what your favorite shot of the weekend will be.

The girls say Raynes is “going to work with Daddy” in this outfit.

And that…..

Is a little bit of  Rosemary to go.