Spring Break- Phase Two

Phase Two: Consisted of more white sand, bathing suits, beach towels, cold beer and salt air.

With a little bit of AB mixed in.

The weather wasn’t exactly sunny Saturday morning, so we docked at the home of one of Sara Britton’s friends. Leave it to the town mayor to know the owners of one of the four houses on the tiny island.

The girls hunkered down in beach towels, armed with gold fish and PBJ’s until the sprinkles subsided.

Yes, Mom, those are Oatmeal Pies. I pained me to buy them at the Piggly Wiggly but I was attempting to be a fun mom, throwing my usual anti-pesticide propensity out the window. At least for one day.  Now it’s back to organic apples and whole wheat bread.

Little Raynes went with the flow- hanging on the beach for six hours without a peep. Thank goodness we I didn’t forget him when we left the island.

Checking on the boat at sunset….

Twelve weeks to go until baby “Whit” arrives.

Mike making me pose this time…. like being behind the camera for a reason.

Until this summer….

We will be back soon little beach!