I had a wee bit of sadness this morning {okay a lot} when I saw a picture of two little girls, ages 2 and 4. They were sitting at a small table, enjoying a spring tea party, wearing pretty little matching dresses, bows, and a cardigan. Although I already know my girls are not 2 and 4 anymore, I only then realized that they are not 2 and 4 anymore. And they won’t ever be 2 and 4 again. They are no longer the two little girls sitting at a small table, wearing pretty little matching dresses, bows and a cardigan.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re not even old enough to ride in the front seat or remember to brush their teeth but….
The time was here when they were both the “little girls”, and the moment is almost gone. I am the ol’ Mom reminiscing of when my little girls were still little.  Yes, they are still a fun age- and little-, and yes, they still enjoy a good tea party as much as the next  girl. But lets face it, 6 and 8 isn’t exactly 2 and 4.
When I turn the page of this next chapter, with it comes more fun. We get to have real, meaningful conversations. Interpreting the world through a child’s lens.
We discuss who has a ‘crush’ on who {this changes weekly}. What friend was mean to another on the playground {insert lesson on turning the other cheek}. How they envision their life 20 years from now {Kenley wants to be a doctor, Britton wants to be a dog groomer}.  I appreciate, and hold dear, that chapter in life that we are now in. But every so often, it saddens me a little to realize how fast the time has gone, and that it can’t be put into a glass bottle and saved next to my heart, no matter how hard I try.
girl scout cookies are almost to a close… hallelujah
Four month old Raynes is in the background thinking, what am I- chopped liver? With this precious, new baby boy will come a whole new set of experiences. I cannot wait for this either- it will be surprises and familiarity around every corner. But for so long it was just the girls and I {Daddy too}, and I hate how fast it is going by.  I can only imagine it will pass by ten fold with him.
The only solution, I can think of, is to make the most of each day realizing that yep, the “old people” were right, time keeps on marching on, faster, and faster.
Incidentally, I turn 35 this month. Don’t even get me started on that.