11 Year Weddding Anniversary

Eleven Years ago….
Mike and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it has been that long. I had just turned 24 years-old and Mike was a whopping 25 years old.
Pre-children there was lots of sleeping in (I guess)… and well, honestly, I cannot remember much about our life before kids. I’m sure it was great, and we stayed plenty busy-  but doing what, I cannot recall.
Last year at this time, we were in Sonoma County, 3 months pregnant with #3, our two children at home.
So this year, we dropped off that now 6-month old baby with grandparents, and took the girls with us to recreate our first date.

We started with dinner- while we wanted to go back to Mom & Dads Italian restaurant, a local favorite and where we ate the night he proposed, we realized that it would be impossible to try to do both dinner and a movie… and two kids in tote.  So we did a quick supper instead. The kind where they have self-serve soda in plastic cups, and you put your order number on your table so the waitress can find you to deliver some good ol’ BBQ chicken pizza.

Not quite the candle lit dinner in a quant, hill top San Francisco restaurant like last year’s anniversary… but close.

Britton was at a birthday party and had to skip dinner with us….

On our first date, which was in 1998, Mike took me to the movies. We saw The Titanic. Eleven years later, wouldn’t you know it was back in theaters. Mike thought, and I agreed, it would be fun to take our daughters with us to watch it again- in  the 3D IMax theater.
Britton has been reading the book, so she was so overjoyed about our upcoming anniversary date. Kenley thought her faux diamond necklace was similar to the Heart of the Ocean jewel, so she too, was thrilled.

But holy cow! For the $55 in ticket costs, it delivered, thankfully {I thought Mike would have a heart attack when the automatic ticket machine gave him the total}.  The screen was massive, sounds blaring, and Jack was so close I could almost touch him.

It was a gratifying way to celebrate, and served as a reminder of all wonderful overflow that came from that momentous day on April 21, 2001.

Ride home….

But, boy, have we been tired since……