April Showers

April is a busy month of celebrations with our crew. Birthdays for Nana, Pops, Meme, Sassy, Coco and even a wedding anniversary thrown in for good measure.
Today is Sassy’s birthday- Happy Birthday Sassy!
Aunt Coco is in town for the weekend and met us for lunch so we could catch up. She seems to think that Raynes is a mini-Britton, with less hair. Definitely kicking the red highlights today, buddy.

We hope to see Mr. Downing tomorrow!   Friday afternoons are frozen yogurt days when I get the girls from school, a tradition that we created recently. Because we can.

Swimming “tryouts” were postponed until next week, due to rain. Britton really wants to go to Sassy and Pop’s pool to ‘practice’ this weekend.

Until then, her swimming ‘outfit’ is packed hanging in the hallway.
And this is how I find Kenley given any free time– change of clothes {can you tell}, laid out with an assortment of books.
I had to switch out her bookshelf recently, to hold her beloved collection. A little bit of Benjamin Moore ‘Ballet Pink’ paint and some new knobs, and this bookcase is the little shelf that could.

I should be better at taking the girl to the library as she reads the same books over and over again.

Tonight, we celebrate Sassy’s 52nd birthday {wink}! Not sure if I have ever said anything, thought it was a secret, but my Mom is writing a book- about her life. She has been working on it for a while, and is on chapter 35. She hasn’t let me read any of it- not one single word. But…. she is thinking of giving me an except here and there to keep me guessing.

Seeing that she is my mom, and this is her life story, I should be able to guess what it is about. But to hear her tell her story, in her own words, now that is indeed a treat to be had.

Happy Weekend!