Baby my Baby

At what age do you stop “babying” your babies? It is a fine balance between nurturing and spoiling. For instance, my now 6 year-old Kenley, wants me to get her dressed each morning before school. Is she capable of dressing herself? Of course she is. Do I dress her anyway? Yes.
It got me thinking.. when Britton was Kenley’s age, was I dressing her for school? No, I urged her to try to dress her self, hopping along the path of independence. I also got her to attempt to make her bed by herself. To walk into school by herself. Little nudges and slight pushes along the way for the first child- watching as she grows and blossoms right before your eyes. But Kenley, although technically no longer my “baby”, seems to get more help from Mama,  for no other reason than her birth order.
This is a fine balancing act, and one I am far from perfecting.
Guess I will need to be more cognisant of it, because if I have learned anything, it’s that big sister is watching me do for K, what I don’t do for her, and don’t you know she is taking notes for her one-day therapy appointments.