Once upon a time, Mike and I were able to head for the beach with nothing but an ice-packed cooler, towels and maybe some 4 SPF sunscreen.

Now, it’s a 6 hour packing project, 7 bags on a boat ordeal, with an assortment of PB&J’s, Gatorade’s, bouncers, 75+ Waterbabies SPF, band aids {for good measure} and life preservers in every imaginable size.

We probably should have known it would be one of those kind of trips right off  the bat. On the way there Friday night, we had to pull over to an empty downtown parking lot when Britton pronounced she was about to throw up. Dear Lord, not in the new car. Several dry heaves and confessions of junk food later, we were back on our way. She has since decided that 3 cupcakes, Pez, lollipops and chocolate (within an hour’s span) is highly overrated and has declared herself a “healthy eater” from this point forward. I am clearing my throat, but saying nothing. Oh, and she has also decided that the third row may not be the best seat in the house after all.
Once the clouds burned off we boated our way to the island. Once again, we realized that we have three children. I don’t know why we get surprised by this each time we try to go somewhere.
Throw in a dead boat battery and two crying kiddos, and Mike and I quickly realized we may have not packed enough beer for the day.

Luckily there were some nice boaters on the island that were able to help get us on our way, again.
After some convincing from me, Kenley believed me when I told her we would not be stranded on the island forever and ceased her profuse crying. 

For the 5 hours of boat-towing, 6 hours of preparation, and 2 hours of cleaning and unpacking– the 3 hours actually on the water, were awesome.

It may be a while until we do that again. Although, I think we said the same thing two weeks ago when we got home from doing the very same thing.