The Game of Life

The saying goes ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’
The girls and I sat down last night to play the board game ‘Life’. Surprisingly, I don’t think I had ever played before.
Within minutes, I was married with three kids in my blue plastic car (2 boys and one girl) and having to pay the banker, Britton, $20,000 {plus interest} for their summer school.
Then I owed taxes, lost my job, got paid again, only to have to borrow more money from Britton to pay for an automobile accident.
Kenley opted not to sue me, though, when given the opportunity.  That a’ girl. In reality, she must have realized that all I had was borrowed bills, so it wouldn’t have mattered.
And here I thought board games were suppose to be fun.
What was delightful, was taking Britton to pick out a ruffled one piece bathing suit, hot pink goggles and a lime green swim cap. Sassy put the bug in her ear to try out for the swim team. Yes, swimming. Keep in mind, this is the gal that still wears a mask in the swimming pool and prefers the doggie paddle to freestyle, despite six years of private swimming lessons.
Fittingly, Sassy will be the one taking Britty to the pool this afternoon for her assessment. Wish I could be there to see it!  This is the outfit she chose. 
Do you call swim gear an outfit?  You never really notice someones shaped head, until they wear a swim cap. And I must say, Britton has a pretty, perfectly round head. It might just be one of her best features, who knew?
Raynes turned 6 months old yesterday, and rolled over for the first time today!
I was right there, but somehow managed to miss it by looking at the back yard filled with dirt. Missed the firsts when I was at work, miss ‘em when I am at home. Isn’t that the way it always is.  I know I laid him on his stomach, and next thing I know he is flat on his back with a dimpled smile beaming towards me. He must have grown tired of my teasing.

Recent Kenley’isms
Kenley has been home with strep throat this week, and now Britton is on antibiotic from last week’s lab work that came back. We are a funk-filled home apparently.  Kenley told Britton that if she missed this week’s standardized testing at school, that B would have to wear make up to school and take the test the following week. Hence, make up test.

This Saturday, Mike is chairing a family fishing tournament to support the local Ronald McDonald House. Or, as Kenley says, to support the Waffle House.