The Last Hippity Hop

Here is our hodge podge of photos, also known as Easter.

Egg hunting, beach style.

Little Raynes came along for the ride as well.

Egg hunt at Sassy and Pop’s Sunday afternoon… Avery. We laugh because Avery and Kenley look more like siblings, than Britton and K.

Raynes’ first Easter– 25 weeks old.

Church…. doesn’t Raynes have a pretty face in this photo.

More  egg hunting– round three.

On your mark, get set, go!  Check out Kenley’s face (off Britton’s right shoulder). She is not finding the humor in the hunt. Britton, on the other hand, is loving it!

Our built-in babysitter… kind of.

Sassy with her arms full of babies.

More cousins….

How she fits two babies on her belly, and one in her belly is beyond me. 73 days to go!

The youngest Landrum gals.

Britton tried to swindle Avery’s golden egg (with $20 inside) for a bag of M&Ms. Somewhere along the way we have failed to instill integrity in our oldest child- that funny little kid.

The “silver” egg winner!

Until next Easter… March 31, 2013!


Lovely comments

  1. 1' says

    Oh, what fun!! Laughing at the great family pic and the back of Raynes head – looks all too familiar. :) Love, love, love the humongous Easter egg hunt and everyone in full mad dash. Well, everyone but K. :)